SunMeadows Portfolio

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The SunMeadows Portfolio consists of three value-add multifamily assets located in Gainesville (Aqua at Windmeadows) and Daytona Beach (The Boulevard and The Oasis).

Gainesville: Built in 1972, Aqua at Windmeadows is located at 3700 Windmeadows Boulevard in Gainesville, Florida and includes 323 updated units. It is surrounded by 2.7M+ square feet of retail making it a prime location to live, work, and play.

Daytona Beach: The Boulevard Apartments, built in 1986, are located at 1757 S Clyde Morris Boulevard in Daytona Beach, Florida and include 96 updated units. Additionally, Boulevard Apartments are in an ideal location being within ¾ mile of The Oasis and near a Publix shopping center. Built in 1986, the Oasis Apartments are located at 1250 Woodcrest Road in Daytona Beach, Florida and include 119 updated units.


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